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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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dispatchers, they say weeks ago a stranger wanted up wandered up to the radio room and the i-team showed you that if an officer stationedyo to protect a backdoor. >> this is nothing short of collection of duty to keep us safe to keep that building safe. >> accounts a day after a break-in at the parking lot behind the police building somebody smashedeh the window of an officers personal car stealing hiseic police badge id in more. >> assistant director of public safety told us that the building contractors have been reprogramming the>> lock systems working on the issues. >> i don't want any of our place to be unsafe but i wish that when they findh something that would point out to us before they put it on the internet.p >> we can identify the dispatch of video since fox 8 has not made contact with themm, video has been taken down from the
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>> astonishing that this had her simply station so the question is how long before it is fixed.. >> that answer is still up in the air,th no firm answer from the city about when this will be fixedd just that they would say it isj soon we are working on a. >> no charges filed for an attack on an rta bus driver, video last december when the passenger flew into a rage about expired fare card, the grand jury indicted jared henderson on assault missing falsification and resisting arrest, and he is on probationfi at that time and is still in jail tonight. >> lake county man arraigned on charges he caused the deaths of two pedestrians cgn in a drunk driving accident on saturday night at jack shea has the story .
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was around 2:30 p.m. saturday that the eastlake couple was hit from behind by a pickupak truck road, 57-year-old kendrick perkins pronounced dead and her boyfriend was taken to metrodr where he later died. >> it was very shocking for my brothers and i both of them never knew who high-thin, they were hit from behind. >> she says that he had survived three brain surgeries in the past year and anti- surgery that left him blind when i- come as a result of injuries suffered by the pickup truckck doctor said a there was nothing they could do to save the 50-year-old. >> after what he had been through the past year he did not deserve this type of endinge
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>> driver of the pickup truck, 74-year-old is arraigned on two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide and ovi ne, he is a father and grandfather and mom blows mourning the loss of the couple on his 20-year-old daughter and his 18 -month-old >> this gentleman stripped her of her parents and a at a young age and alsol her son, grandson of never knowing them. >> court records indicate that his blood alcohol content after the accident was . 152, nearly twice the legal limit in ohio hvac1eg those who mourn the loss of l the two victims say that his decision to drink and drive will
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>> look and say to him is that you need to get help and the means are out there i don't believe that any family should have to deal with this. >> if convicted he could face up to eight years in prison on each counte he is held in the lake county jail on a 50,000-dollar bond hvacac place trying to determine who killed a husband and wife in an elyria parking lot, and they, and there were call to fox only around, 10:00 p.m. last night with reports of shots fired findingng 32-year-old michael lewis and his wife inside of a rigid suv withs new york plates if you know a thing anything call the police . >> police arrested a man in connection with a robbery that happened outside of the great northern mall, fernway roadaaha kitchens and monitoring williams
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can take take your purse for the take your first video shows a short time later in a storeef trying to use your credit cards to believe that they are behind a number of armed robberies throughout northeast ohio. >> the hash tag jeff . stranded all over nightstand for joni frank february. >> s. texas police try to determine what happened between johnny manziel and his girlfriend over his girlfriend over the weekend as dave nethers joins us with what he found. d >> monocytes were trying to figure out is what the browns will do with johnny manziel . they have not told us anything . online, the fans are also silent . language regarding investigation involving johnny manziel place in texas will say little else about a report altercation
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girlfriend as thern fort worth police respond responded to a call and the department said determined a possible assault had occurrednv there or in multiple jurisdictions, the complaint was uncooperative and unable to locate a crime scene, a fort worth police department is working with dallas pdpd to determine if it offenses occurred . place reportedly searching for him after using a helicopter, eight with her woman said she was concerned about him , on monday the department says that if anything they might release would be left up to the attorney general processor could could take two months or more this texas incident comesese four months after he was investigated by avon police after a report altercation between him and the girlfriend an incident when she was cleared by the police in nfl , it more closely follows
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partying in texas reports of a disguise in las vegas and las vegas would listen to be rehabbing in cleveland with the team at the end of the season, brass and issued no statement about this latest incident involvingnd manziel but on social media and fans are joining a growing boycott,a chris mcneil starting a johnny for joni frank february move into asking fans not to mention it on social media through this until they get rid of themnt. >> on twitter, using the hash tag j. f. f. it took off i said i would be committed to not talking about him and then he gathered a lot of followers and now over 1,000 have signed up for it and it continues to gain momentum. >> it's getting a lot of attention, nationwide . part of what he says that this joni frank february, is set why waste
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there is more of that is worth our time . it is the first real test of the st presidential campaign tonight, the iowa caucuses is karin caifa shows us howreo candidates from both parties looking for last-minute support. >> phone trouble is that winning in iowa lead to bigger things backad and redo are going to make this country so great with victories over the place.t >> and that worries ted cruz, they have divided conservatives and r evangelical voters, with ted cruz asking for support when it counts. >> the time for the people in
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andci to combat the candidates. >> peacock is for me i will unite the conservative movement. >> the chairman of ohio chautauqua party says he believes many decisions will be made at the last minute to check that can come to some synergy, where principal in beating hillary clinton, head to's practicality versus principle. >> hillary clinton must avoid a repeat of 2,008 with a loss to barack obama.. >> we have learned lessons applied to us and we a great team working around the clock. >> she's banking on her operationki and a block of older voters to win ak race with bernie sanders thata tightened dramatically with a wide lead in new hampshire, the senator's campaign says a a loss and i will in iowa not be the end respect both sides, battles are months old but the contest
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will come out on top, 85 report from des moines, iowa at 630 p. sure picture to stay with us. >> primary season will end in cleveland when republicans will nominate their presidential candidatete in july july, preparations are underway, several downtown restaurants are being booked for the entire week 's matt wright is what this means for clevelanders.ig >> restaurant sam raimi convention goers will have full schedules andt regular customers by strickler, so these publications are we to guarantee revenue.. >> set for big business of the rnc driftwood group says this downtown restaurant hodges has been booked by dc political website being used for meals
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>> or mindset was to find an organization, for the entire rnc re to protect revenue to keep employees happy and we make more than we would normally make to just be open for that week. >> the group's leaders say that theyt talk with google facebook and the daily show and are finalizing deals with state delegations, he says they've sa learned from restaurants to reduce those cities. >> there's is not a a lot of foot traffic the traffic of people wandering around the second they would be a great way to have dinner and that's a way to protect it. >> last witchhunter confirming he was renting greenhouse tavern on east fourth street.e >> for selling bustling restaurants and probably butll once know what that means for the rest of us.ha >> a substantial amount will be
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>> the downtown alliance has downtown has the capacity to support a 25,000 workers there should still be options during the rnc.25 >> want this to be a good experience for clevelanders to feel free to come downtown to feel the buzzl to go to restaurants and enjoy themselves . >> they say that the catering business is also thriving for the rnc plans to hire additional temporary staffing, altogether they're expected to have a 250 million-dollar economic
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stan saxon, fill out the window, he was not not injured as he went back inside and finished his set . >> professional surfer says that he is lucky to have survived a 40-foot freefall, tom dosland was about to serve the waverley lost and felt like he was falling off of a cliff sport was still attached to his fatigue ended up with a stiff neck he waswi back out surfing surfing the next-day. to live in australia took this video as a big storm moved in on sydney, they say that they decided not to take a the ball out whenak lightning strikes the water just feet from where they stood both say they can feel the static charge just before it struck and felt the blast,
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upt. tomorrow is groundhog day, i think that it will be a very interesting forecast, the labor for once ago said that this winter would be terrible, the year before we were under 2 feet of snow . buckeye chuck's big day also is tomorrow and they have punxsutawney phil in i pennsylvania, so we will see how that goes according to our friend the groundhog earth today at 6:50 a.m. that morning, jay reynolds has arranged this for us . we'll lucy pluto mercury
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. and looking southeast at about 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning this will be the arrangement of the planets it will be impressive to say the least and looking at really nothing currently on radar . there's the overall view the rainfall has moved east . there should be enough of a break cloud cover with partly cloudy skies overnight and clear in some areas you should have a pretty goodyo view of the planets tomorrow just before 7:00 a.m. . while brassica figures that they will get about 20 inches of snowfall . blizzard warning out
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and nebraska it will be a tough go but not for us . we are on the mild side and numbers estimated by the computer, omaha nebraska maceo to 20 inches of snowfallas tomorrow noon time, right to miss out on that . today, low 40s after 60 yesterday as we say goodbye to january today 53 . and senator miami and phoenix 52 degrees and kansas city 47 and chicago 41
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the snowfall estimate in the midwest where they have a blizzard warningw in many locations, that on tuesday, . tomorrow, about 15 and then thursday going the other way as we see a 37 on friday, the weekend looking uneventful with
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tomorrow, buckeye chuck will be making the essence of the end of whetheren . if he sees his shadow, then six more weeks, andhe any groundhog above ground, or looking for a cute girl groundhog . the cavaliers hope to keep the good times rolling tonightep as they
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the cavaliers looked great saturday can they keep it rolling road tonight i'm a good test as they face the pacers cuta them into not nicely the performance saturday against the spurshe gave a glimpse of what they are capable of, they just want to improve, lebron james was asked if he has seen a change in,, tyronn lue this past week from when he was an assistant
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to be born in command,ch and a lot more accountable . that is part of the job he's doing a great job . for us to just listen two him andr. >> the suns have fired head coach jeff on a sacac less than three years in his tenure there, nine games for portland eighth spot in the western conference they gaver titus jammer and nearly signed lamarcus aldridge and brandon knight a 70 million-dollar contract but still played poorly,. >> head coach hue jackson is going to call his own plays and the fancy bouquet with that. >> seems that public sentiments is shifting, he has done a before and that before and has
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as the recent coach and others who have done it at the question is how cohesive with his offensive staff need to formulate the game plans ? owner jimmy haslam last week said that jackson can handle this this and the staff will flourish back a lot of candid candid talks would candid talks with vietnaman he then a lot of candid talks with vietnam he said before the things i do best to want to delegate that and we are enthusiastic about it will have on the best play collars and who we are excitedb, at the same time , appeared,am . . i think that we are getting the
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>> tonight is media night,, a manufactured event run by the nfl start in primetime, 8:00 p.m. eastern time, and while while they enjoy the fan fest in san francisco makes angle will be the orbit position held in the face of cam newton, guest the veteran peyton manning , but defense does when w championships respect the financial players is that this is about super bowl 50, it is an event . at the end of the day, the event is to play the game and that ise what we focus on a told the children to embrace it and at the end of the day we've got to play the game. >> and finally the fans and former players get a look at the marta trophy in his handle like a lost relic from the ming dynasty, a unlike the stanley cup there's no wayik to pour champagne into itw. >> so to say that cavaliers
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tonight is caucus nighto in iowa and on the campaign trail thereo working to tickle them until the final hours. >> as the basis tight between gop and mas democratic front-runners as joel waldman joins us with the latest. >> the vot e za and above all to talk about it, donald trump said that if you have paid a paid a woman for fever and don't feel like getting out of bed,a get out anyway into caucus for me, but there is a blizzard moving away . snow totals anywhere between five -- edges upwards of 12
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that could impede the process also added this about 40 -- 25 percent of the people are undecided caucus goers . they don't know who will be caucus for less than 90 minutes report begins and what is interesting is that you can't register at the caucus . about 6,000 registered democrats and also republicans in the state and 800,000 independence . if you are dependent and you feel like caucusing or donald trump, you simad
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debed ed in ld pleased with second place that it is more critical for ted cruz to pull this out. >> thank you joel waldman. >> stay with us for the election
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including by county and for each individual candidate. >> we who brought you the news of a police commander who has stepped down following punishment given last week for aa chase and shooting learned that internal memos without announcing that commander james chura is a captain overseeing units handling such crimes of abuse and domestic violence he told i-team became after be differences of opinion as to the punishment for the chase would not get into specifics that that he may be involved in arbitration hearings as hearings as officer fight the punishment .oa those close to him said that he did not believe that the six should have been fired.t >> man accused of killing a danville police officer could face the death penalty is herschel jones was charged today , after arrested last month , they say that he shot and
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jones' girlfriend, no one said that he left the house with thed intent to kill an officer. >> retired . a police officer gets to keep his k-9 partner he offered to by him for $3,500 but under state law the dog is to be sold at auction because he is public property, today, the meeting that heated as confronted the chief of police. >> you need the money about the money coming or said anything mean time,r i brought the money, i'm retired and i wanted to go out there with >> go-fund-me, set out to help up to help them racing around $60,000 but it turns out they worked outtu a deal where he could take a job as an auxiliary together. >> last laugh, morning when k-9 officer gesture was killed
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>> todaya a new dog making feature of a writer for a ryan davis and peggy gallek joins us. >> train again for tuko this morning,, he and his trainer will spend weeks bonding to get ready to keep the the streets in canton savet.
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for me to trust each other.c",ln(dn/ in seven or eight years on eight years on his return we can walk out can walk out the door then look back and say that we did just what proud.htlk >> two have his training complete into being on the streets in april and. >> still waiting to find out that theg justice center will be open tomorrow,us cuyahoga county justice center close at noon
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,cnte they were hoping to restore water pressure to the upper floors today but have not said if it was successful,pp people working on the upper floors were told to leave after the morning docket.we >> lyndhurst community center at a deer culling program will use a bulk of the say the most safestt way to do so they have a permit to kill up to 20 at that table removing about five, the meet will be given to food banks . >> world health organization, says the rapid spread of zika virus isni an international emergency with cases confirmed in the united states prompting lawmakers to call on thed federal government government to find that it is mosquito borne and foremost only a mild illness mild illness that may be linked
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the virus and microcephaly i that they can allow public health experts who interveneat and hopefully come up with a vaccined and other methods to prevent zika and infection in pregnant women. release of two 4 million cases of zika could turn up in the americas within the next year back cdc says in the in the stomach cancer e-coli outbreak swing to chipotle restaurants initial outbreak sickened 50 in 11 states the second outbreak of a different strain in december affecting five in three states are not sure what caused the outbreak in of chipotle, chipotle says it is puttingle new food reduce the risk of future outbreaks.. >> will be long long long before lower doses available dewine, white house national drug policy director and
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thate,e narcan was administered 13,000 times last >> all month we will be celebrating black history month in the same for the school in cleveland, history lessonsmm focus
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look at what happened today it wasas beautiful overall . yesterday we had a high temperature of 60 degrees . and
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earlier today we had some clouds and sunshine .. still above normal in the low to mid '40s, the high was earlier . the 's looking back when you factor in highs and lows and was near normal with the knowledge of 20 degrees .wi snowfall was almost 1 foot below normal to high for high temperature was early morning and then hi made it to the 30s and 40s . the high was early morning and 53 . . sunset was at that 5:43
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we'll will be calm conditions tonight and will call the spots s minneapolis, not too shabby and new york city with 51 degrees . a big storm in time for the iowa caucus .t in portions of nebraska kansas, iowa, minnesota and wisconsin and michigan are in for some serious snowfall we will be in the water sector because of the storm's track, any precipitation will be
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p.m. . let blizzard warnings winter storm warnings outlasts enough for us . there could be some areas with snowfall of 15 -- 20 inches, nebraska and in michigan . for us it will be near 50 tomorrow with sunshine early on . with showers after sunset rainfall could becoming have a tuesday departing midday wednesday . then it will be colder, just a bit below normal with scattered snow on thursday
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and 40st . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. fox 8 news is the only local morning show that starts at 4:00 a.m..l >> as we began celebrating black history month we often hear the names of doctor martin luther king jr. or rosa parks. >> but a school on the east side of cleveland the students learn about other people who other people who are first in their field as jennifer jordan texas to hbcu prep school which is setting trends on what they teach , teach. >> tristan at hbcu prep on shaker boulevard in cleveland, black history month is taught every single month of the year, the studies go beyond the
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martin luther king jr. or rosa parks . >> for brothers and i have been studying thurgood marshall, the firstma arab-american on the supreme court. >> the entire school school are recognizing those who areol the first in their fields to pave the way for others, including car and louis b. stokes the first black mayor of aa us city in the and the first black congressman elect in ohio and frank robinson the first black manager in sports the indians to checkia to the roberts julia
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preptnc, a school that prepares them for historically black colleges, hbcu . schools were created in the 18 hundreds and early 1990s because they cannotds attend the top schools because of the color of their >> that the young people recognize the importance of who they are their rich traditionon and in which history they have no choice but to start accepting that great comes from the lineage of who they are. >> them a rich foundation to carry on through their lifetime and to become a first and whatever they start to be,
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which famous faces you probably missed during last night's
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if you do not set then you missed out, last night's, live musical of grease live received reviews, more than 12 new peoplele demand for the three-hour broadcast, which aside from a quick audio glitch was mostly flawless, but what you may not have noticed for the star-studded cameos . >> some were more obvious such as ana gasteyer, who by the principal and theye boys to men who were the teenage are the teenage angels. >> also joe jonas played johnny casino, there were other such as eve plum,o better known as jan brady who played the role role of mrs. murdoch and thele original
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waitress.o >> it took two decades about the last class that all boys catholic school has its yearbook .la >> system by volunteer, the yearbook for cleveland's s st. joseph high school class of 1990 was never made , the widow of the yearbook advisor from thousands of found thousands of pictures and after his deathyr looked for someone to put the yearbook together this time danielor craig of age road trip said that he regrets not taken on the task of the five years ago. >> we were the same chance of a ball that year, the only woman history and a championship in football, and also that year that three classmates died in the day that we graduated so a lot of memories in those pictures that were never put togetherin. >> he says the proceeds from the sale of the yearbooks will go to the school which is not bill angela st. joseph and to a scholarshipip in memory of the
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